Solarize Northern Indiana


Prices have declined significantly since 2010, making the benefits of solar energy more accessible. Solar energy has been spreading across northern Indiana over the last several years.


Yes, surprisingly we have enough sun! More than Germany, the world’s solar leader.


Unfortunately, the local Solarize intiative in northern Indiana is currently INACTIVE. However, teams are active in other parts of Indiana. Visit the website for the state-wide non-profit organization Solarize Indiana to learn more!


In 2019, the Solarize Northern Indiana initiatives in South Bend and Goshen expanded to include Elkhart and Marshall County. The aim was to make solar even more affordable by leveraging our purchasing power together across the region. In 2017 and early 2018, 97 new solar projects were installed over 8 months. The 2019 initiative resulted in 20 new projects.


In 2017 and 2019, more than 600 people attended workshops to learn about whether their home or business might be suitable and to identify barriers like shading, roof orientation, roof condition, cost, or extra approval steps required by Homeowners Associations or local Historic Districts.

Solarize Northern Indiana has assisted over 100 households and several churches and local businesses in going solar. In 2017, most of the projects were concentrated around Goshen and South Bend were the initiative was focused, as shown in the maps below:


The number of residential solar projects within the City of Goshen limits quadrupled from 11 to 52.


The number of South Bend solar homes jumped from 6 to 22 (Maps exclude new non-Solarize projects).



Don't live in Michiana or the South Bend - Elkhart region? Solarize teams are active in other communities.

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The map above shows solar projects across Indiana.



Visit to track the growth of solar across Indiana!